CNC Milling Tools Solid Carbide 2 Flutes Ball Nose End Mill 0.5-12.5mm Shank 2 Flute CNC Router Bit Tools Carbide Milling Cutter HRC 50 30° Helix

Description of ball nose end mill 1.Well wear resistance and high quality CNC milling cutter 2.Size: dia 0.5mm-25mm,overal length:50mm to 150mm 3.No. of flute: 2/4/6 futes 4.Work piece:copper & aluminium alloy,general steel,stainless steel, titanium alloy,hest-resistant super alloy,hardened steel,wood,dfrp 5.Coating: AiTlN, TiSiN, Blue Naco, etc. 6.Type: solid carbide square/(taper) ball nose end mill/corner radius end mills 7.HRC: cut the workpiece up to HRC45/50/55/60/65... Specification:
End mill series Material Coating type Hardness(HV) Thickness(UM) Flexural strength Friction Coeffient Oxidation Temp(°) CO Color
HRC50 (NOR) YG10.2 &WF25(Taiwan) TiAlN 3500 2.5-3 4000 N/mm2 0.3 900 0.1 black
HRC55 (GEN)  K44 & K40 (German) TiSiN 3600 3 4300 N/mm2 0.45 1000 0.12 copper
HRC60 (GEK) H10F (Sweden) Blue Naco 4000 3 4300 N/mm2 0.4 1200 0.1 blue
Product Name Tungsten Solid Carbide HRC50 Ball Nose End Mill 4Flutes
Series NOR(workpiece up to HRC50)
Type Solid Carbide Ball Nose End Mill
Helix angle 30°
Type of flutes 2flutes
Raw Material Tungsten Alloy Carbide
Coating AiTlN
Advantage High quality and favourable price
OEM&ODM Available
MOQ 5pcs for stock or 10pcs customization
Delivery time 7-8 work days
Place of origin China
Payment terms West Union, T/T, Paypal.
Applicable Machine: Milling Machine, Milling center, large scale milling machine, etc.

Processing mode and Finished product samples:

Shoulder milling, thread milling, inner hole boring, fine hole boring, external boring, face milling, T-groove end milling, etc. Summary of advantage 1.Unequal Flute design minimize Chattering 2.Sharp Corner design to prevent cutter edge cracking 3.Reinforced Core design to Increase the breakage-Resistance. Maximizing Anti-Abrasion,beeter rigid,longer toollife. 4.All milling cutters are made from high quality tungsten ateel material 5.Double cutting edge design 6.AiTlN passivation coating 7.Made by Anca and Walter.   Recommend cut material NOR:Common Steel,Pre Hardened steel-Upto55HRC Examples:Low carbon steels45#、Q235 、65MN、40Cr、42CrMo、T12 Alloy steel:P20、NAK80、S136、H13、Cr14Mo4V Die Casting steels:ZGD270-480、ZGD290-510、ZGD345-570、GD650-830、ZGD730-910

We carry out multi-dimensional design of products according to your different industry purposes, and provide customized solutions

We can produce any milling cutters according to your drawings and samples if you need

1: Milling cutter has been finished and sent to warehouse 2: One cutter put in a plastic pipe, 10 pieces per group bind with a rubber band 3: Use the air bubble paper to encase the plastic paper 4: Put the goods encased with air bubble paper in a small packing cartons 5: Put another air bubble paper on the goods and packaged 6: Sent by logistics company or express according to customer's need 1.Advanced equipments and testing instruments: Australian Anca, Germany Walter and Germany EOUER tool testing instruments 2.Low MOQ: 5pcs for stock and 10pcs for customization. 3.OEM & ODM Accepted : Any design accoding to your drawings or samples . 4.Good Service : We have established a long-term cooperative relationship with our customers 5.Stock : Big stock for standard end mill. 6.Good quality and reasonable price: Best quality along with reasonable prices. Different discount based on quantity 7.Rich experience: We are a manufacturer with more than 10 years in this field. 8.100% on time delivery: We have a big stock, so we can arrange shippment for you quickly. 9.High precision CNC production line: We have a mature and complete CNC production line.

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